Customizing your Tableau Server


tsm customize is a handy command when you want perform any sort of customizations in your Tableau Server. It can change your server-name,  login screen and header logo as well. All you need is a name of the server, custom logo you want to change to and a restart.


Here are the steps to do that.


Step 1: Copy your new logo to any drive on the Tableau Server


Step 2: Open command prompt as admin and login to your TSM using tsm login command.


Step 3: Update you server name using tsm customize --server-name AskLakshmi


Step 4: Upload your new logo with tsm customize --logo A:\Lakshmi\blog\post2\logo-t.png


Step 5: Apply the pending changes using tsm pending-changes apply (This will restart the Tableau server)



You can see the changes by opening the sign-in page.



Once you logged in, this is what you see.



You can use tsm customize --restore-defaults to reset all of these.


Happy customizing.


This post is originally appeared on AskLakshmi.